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Attunement Retreat: Sandtray and Play Attunement during Everyday Dissociation and Trauma

Smooth pebble rocks stacked in front of blue ocean water

Attunement becomes the effective relational interactions.”
~ Bruce Perry

EEK, Dissociation seems too scary...

How do you help someone when they're dissociating?

How do you process trauma with a healing approach?

Are there culturally diverse ways to approach trauma sandtray and play therapy?

YES, the astounding answer is YES and woohoo YES!!!

Dissociation generates chaos and distraction.

Attunement generates calm and focus.

Dissociation divides us from the present moment.

Attunement connects us to the here and now.

Dissociation breaks a rhythm of life.

Attunement creates a rhythm and a flow.

Join us at a retreat
to ground and attune
during normal seasons of dissociation
through integrative therapies and Sandtray Therapy,
Neurobiologically-Informed Play Therapy,
compassion and empathy process, 
Attunement in the Nervous System,
Tai Chi Easy, creating. your own attuning miniatures,

This retreat will provide:

  • 6 APT CEs in Cultural and Social Diversity specific to Trauma-Informed Play Therapy
  • a total of 10 CEs (APT, Counselors, Social Workers, Psychologists)
  • help you and your clients prepare for dissociation responses
  • understand attunement and dissociation in nervous system zones
  • choose personalized grounding attunement skills
  • practice self-compassion and empathy meditations building attunement
  • discuss dysregulation in survivors of trauma with a culturally diverse and trauma-informed perspective. 
  • use attuning and grounding skills for all ages
white sand and rocks with words: Attunement grounds dissociation

Attunement connects dissociation

Dissociation is Normal!

Did you know dissociation is a normal part of daily life?

For real, we all dissociate in our own way. and it happens EVERY DAY!

Dissociation is...
zoning out
binge watching Netflix
watching Tic Toc videos

In fact, dissociating can help us when we’re are feeling stressed. Sometimes, we need to simply disconnect from the present moment to gather ourselves together again, or to think of something more positive.

The difficulty is when dissociation continues on the continuum and separates us from functioning in our daily lives.

Hollywood portrays dissociation as a scary and out-of-control Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). But that is extreme and DID is rare.

Let's create a reframe around Dissociation.

We’re breaking the stigma, dissociation is a normal part of life, from zoning out to thoughts wondering.

white sand and rocks with words: Attunement grounds dissociation

Attunement grounds dissociation

Attunement Helps Dissociation!

As a Trauma Therapist, one of the biggest concerns I hear from other therapists is about Dissociation.

"What happens if my client dissociates?"

"I'm afraid to process trauma with my client, what if they dissociate? I don't know what to do."

"I'm afraid of dissociation, it is scary and seems out of control."

We have the hardest time attuning to our clients, ourselves and our highest power is when we’re dissociating.

So, let's have a conversation about what dissociation really is and how we can cope through it.

Dissociation is just disconnecting, separating from the present moment.

Dissociation is Normal and Everybody does it!

We disconnect to survive, to function daily,

But sometimes we feel scattered and want to escape.

Attunement brings us back to the present moment, joins us in a deeper relational community, and unites us to our higher purpose.

When we feel disconnected and fragmented, attunement skills can ground us back together as a whole.

rocks in flower formation with words: Dissociation can be beautiful

Dissociation can be beautiful

At this retreat, we're going to learn how to identify dissociation symptoms, how to prepare for regular dissociation, and how to flow in rhythm during your sessions when dissociation is happening.

Creating Rhythm during Dissociation:

How to create an attuned rhythm

How to prepare for dissociation seasons

How to flow in rhythm during dissociation seasons

a stack of white rocks on a pebble beach with the ocean water

Attunement creates rhythm and flow

What is Attunement and how will it help you connect with clients?

Attunement is part of the foundation
for connecting congruently, building rapport, and establishing trust.

Attunement can foster healing and growth.
~ Beth Moore, LPC, RPT, ICST-P


  • Helps us connect with clients
  • Strengthens our relationships
  • Improves how we express compassion and empathy
  • Equips us to understand ourselves and others
  • Grows confidence in the therapist and client

Ready to connectattune, and heal together?

"We need attunement to feel close and connected.”
~ Dan Siegel

Join us for this retreat and professional development training!

Limited spots, Reserve your place!

Smooth pebble rocks stacked in front of blue ocean water

Attunement Connects

Attunement Retreat Connects

Create attunement by making the unknown known,
and create congruency in the environment.
~ Lisa Dion

We all disconnect.
We all dissociate.

When we dissociate (disconnect),
It doesn't mean we have Dissociative Identify Disorder,

It means we're normal.

Dissociate means to disconnect.

We all disconnect in different ways
from zoning out during a conversation
to feeling frozen from trauma triggers.

So how do we find space to heal?
How do we connect back to ourselves, our mind-body-spirit?

It's difficult when we get disconnected, stuck,
disengage, and get tangled in our own pain.

We can get unstuck and engage again,
We can help our clients move forward.

Attunement can help gain clarity,
connect with your clients,
and find attunement to heal.

How do we attune? with white sand and rocks in background

How do we attune?

Attunement Retreat Grounds

Attunement is practitioner resonance
and the ability to be resourced and grounded in the presence of a client.
~ Trauma Resiliency Institute

During this Attunement Retreat, you will...

Find your Personal Style for Grounding

  • Identify your own unique grounding style
  • Create a grounding rhythm and flow
  • Attune your body and nervous system
  • Build trauma and resiliency-informed Attunement
  • Find your own rhythm, flow, attunement
  • Learn somatic rhythm and spiritual rhythm attunement

Also, learn how to prepare for Attunement & Dissociation:

  • Identify Thrive vs. Survive preparation
  • How to Prepare for Dissociation responses
  • Write Permission Slips for Attuning
  • Build a Circle of Safety during Dissociation
stacked rocks with words Intentional Attunement

Intentional Attunement

Attunement in Rhythm

At this Attunement Retreat, you will flow and attune in rhythm:

  • Identify your own harmonious routine for Attunement
  • Plan for Attunement in Everyday Moments
  • Learn Trauma-Informed Tips 
  • Personalize Attunement Skills to do in Session
  • Gain Relational Attunement Skills
  • Center Mind-Body-Spirit
  • Set an Intentional Attunement
  • Implement Steps to Create Focus During Chaos
Rocks on shore with water sunset background

Foundation of Attunement

Attunement Retreat Heals Relationships

  • I know logically what to do, but I have trouble connecting in session.
    • We will show you how to connect in session with your clients, even the clients who seem resistant.
  • Sure, I’ve heard about attunement skills, but I don’t really know how to use them.
    • We will show you step-by-step practical skills you can use.
  • How do I apply the knowledge of attunement skills to real life?
    • During the retreat, we’ll start using attunement skills from day one so you can use this in real life.
  • I struggle with actually practicing the skills I’m learning.
    • Don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of time to use the skills. And we’ll show you how to implement the skills into your daily life.
  • I’ve heard of attunement, but can it really help me with my clients in session?
    • Yes, attunement is part of the foundation for building rapport and trust with your client so that they want to heal and grow.
Stacked rocks on shore with water background

Attuned Relational Energy

Attunement Retreat Integrates

Attunement is
“a felt embodied experience
that can be individualistic as well as communal,
that includes a psychological, emotional,
and somatic state of consciousness”
(Kossak, 2009, p. 14)

You will gain skills to have fun with Sandtray Therapy & Play Therapy with adult clients:

  • Ladders of Attunement in the Nervous System
  • Hands in the Sand during Attunement
  • Tai Chi Easy Mindfulness Movement
  • Grounding Attunement in the Sandtray & Play Session
  • Adventure Play Activities

For instance, gain attuned rhythm with your clients:

  • Choose positive alternative attuning skills
  • Empower clients to recognize, process, and release emotional blocks to attuning
  • Increase therapeutic alliance and attunement
  • Build trust and emotional connection
  • Provide a sense of safety in relationships
  • Encourage clients to connect and be motivated to grow
  • Accelerate cohesion and attunement in the session
  • Attune electromagnetic energy fields in relationships
  • Develop positive relational energy
stacked rocks ocean in background with words Attunement Heals

Attunement Heals

PLUS…you get to create your own miniature
with our own Attuning Professionals from Momma Owls Minis!!

  • Attunement practice with your own miniature creation
  • Laugh, connect, and create together
  • Retreat atmosphere for creating and healing
  • Play Therapy and Creative Expression all in one!
***Creative experience with sandtray play miniature experts Momma Owls Minis (M.O.M.)***

Harness your mini making creativity with Creative Therapists, M.O.M.

  • Manifest healing
  • Manifest your own minis
  • Mini magical creative experience
  • Engage in attuning practices in the sandtray and play experiences.
  • Build community attunement and rapport with sandtray miniature experiences.

PLUS BONUSES included in the Attunement Retreat:

  • Grounding Attunement Tool Kit
  • Ladders of Nervous System
  • Free Dissociation Assessment
  • Culturally Diverse Assessment
  • Spiritual Practices
  • Attunement Plan for Dissociation
Green background with words Attuned Resiliency

Attuned Resiliency

A Sacred Space to Heal and Attune

  • We all need a sacred space to heal and attune the soul. You’re invited to this one-of-a-kind retreat for therapists.
    • We’ll practice physically recognizing where client’s hold their trauma and emotions in their body
  • How can I connect with my own body and emotions in my body, so that I connect with my client, including their emotions and their regulation?
    • We will practice attuning to our own bodies and emotions,
    • Learn how to attune to one another through somatic attunement and emotional attunement so that you can better connect with your clients' body language and emotions.
  • We’ll practice new and unique attunement in the sand, regulating our nervous system and tired bodies through mind-body work, connecting our energy to the ground and to each other in co-attunement.
    • As we ground ourselves and center, we’ll hold the space within and around us to co-regulate in attunement, mind-body, and Sandtray work.
  • During this retreat experience, you’ll also have the opportunity to do your own individual reflection sandtrays and mindfulness experiences throughout the training.
    • You will learn mind-body, somatic, resiliency skills, Tai Chi Easy, centering meditative movement, mind-spirit meditations, and Sandtray Therapy techniques to attune the soul.
Green palm leaves background with words Healing Attunement

Healing Attunement

Get in the Flow

Join us for an Attunement Retreat
as we create a balanced rhythm plan,
prepare for attunement together as a community,
and flow in rhythm during attuning sessions.

This is an
advanced Sandtray & Play Therapy retreat
to rejuvenate your soul
with holistic practices
such as Tai Chi Easy,
plus play in the Sand
grow your Sandtray Play Therapy skills.

stacked white rocks pink flowers in background with words Building Attunement

Building Attunement


Attunement Retreat for the Soul

A 2-day retreat

A relaxing retreat atmosphere

February 24-25, 2022

2/24 Friday @ 9:00-5:00
2/25 Saturday @ 9:00-5:00

(Breaks are provided throughout the day,
plus LUNCH is provided both days)

Come early to join family friendly Mardi Gras parades
in Lafayette, Louisiana.

stacked white rocks pink grass in background with words 
Compassionate Attunement

Compassion Attunement

Attunement Retreat with Compassion

"We need attunement to feel close and connected.”
~ Dan Siegel


these Wellness & Creative Professionals
are bringing you
this unique

Attunement Retreat

Activities Facilitated by
Wellness & Creative Professionals:

5 Wellness Practitioners will facilitate activities
within their specialized multidisciplinary fields!!

Holistic EMDR Therapist and Trauma Resiliency-Informed Trainer
Beth Moore, M.S., LPC, RPT, ICST-P, APT Provider

Trauma Positive Psychotherapist with Brainspotting and Neuroscience
Nidhi Kirpalani, M.Sc., ICST-P, Ph.D. Student

Tai Chi Easy Instructor and Spiritual Companion
Susan Ferguson, MDIV, Spiritual Director, Tai Chi Easy Instructor

Neurology-based Chiropractor and Holistic Wellness Practitioner
Dr. Mikaela Ray, Webster Certified, Prenatal and Pediatric Chiropractor

Creative Therapists and Miniature Artists
Momma Owls Minis Mental Health THerapists

stacked rocks with words Balancing Attunement

Create meaningful miniatures

"When we attune with others
we allow our own internal state to shift,

to come to resonate with the inner world of another.
This resonance is at the heart of the important sense of “feeling felt”
that emerges in close relationships.
Children need attunement to feel secure and to develop well,
and throughout our lives we need attunement
to feel close and connected.”
~ Dan Siegel

Smooth pebble rocks stacked in front of blue ocean water

Attunement Connects


When does the Attunement Retreat start and finish?

  • The relaxing Attunement Retreat is for 3 fabulous days:
    February 24-25, 2023
    Lafayette, Louisiana

Are there any pre-requisites?

  • It's helpful to have some Sandtray Therapy and Play Therapy training to prepare you for this advanced course. If you've taken any Play Therapy and Sandtray Therapy courses, that can really help you dive in more into this experiential course.

Who can register?

  • Any and all Mental Health Therapists can register for this in person training.

Do I have to attend in person?

  • Yes, most definitely!! You will get the most experience as you dive in and get your hands into the experience. Your presence in person at the entire training is required, including signing in at the beginning of each day and signing out at the end of each day, as an attendance verification. No partial credit can be awarded.

How do I get CEs (continuing education)?

  • Your attendance and participation is required for continuing education. There will be a sign in opportunity every morning of the training, plus participation experiences throughout the training. Your CE certificate will be given to you after the 2-day training is complete.

What if I am unhappy with the training?  Or want a refund?

  • We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund (in the United States, International refunds may get a credit towards future trainings). Exceptions: there are no refunds given within 30 days of the course. Please read HSI’s Organizational Policies on the website, which stipulate terms for refunds and cancellations.

What about ADA Support & Disability Accommodations?

  • All venues are ADA compliant or willing to make arrangements. Please let us know if you have any unique needs or disabilities, we will accommodate to the best of our ability. We want to welcome you to our training and help you feel comfortable. Please contact us at if you have any questions or concerns. 

Who to Contact?

  • Contact Information Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.
    Beth Moore email:
    Address: 119 Caillouet Place, Lafayette, Louisiana 70501
    Holistic Sandtray Institute, LLC
stacked rocks with words Balancing Attunement

Balancing Attunement



And of course... we wouldn't forget about the 10 CE hours!!

At this Attunement Retreat, you'll get 10 CONTACT play therapy hours!!

Holistic Sandtray Institute, LLC is an APT Approved Provider 21-646.

To clarify, CE applications are being processed for Counselors, Social Workers, Psychologists, and mental health professionals.


  1. Define attunement and dissociation and how they present in the nervous system.
  2. Discuss dysregulation in survivors of trauma with a culturally diverse and trauma-informed perspective. 
  3. Analyze their own culturally diverse dissociation responses, influences, and biases and how this can impact their attunement with clients with trauma during play and sandtray sessions. 
  4. Identify culturally diverse attunement and dissociation in everyday moments for therapist and clients during play and sandtray session.
  5. Engage in neuroscience-based empathy and self-compassion practices while attuning with populations of clients in the sandtray and the play therapy session.
  6. Analyze sandtray play therapy technique about dissociation in the nervous system, and the attuning role of the therapist.
  7. List ways in which therapist can practice culturally diverse attunement within their sandtray and play therapy settings. 
  8. Engage and implement trauma-informed complementary alternative practices and culturally diverse attuning approaches to integrate dissociation and build rapport with clients during play and sandtray sessions.
  9. Demonstrate culturally diverse self-compassion, empathy, and attunement activities that can be utilized in the playroom and sandtray. 
  10. Apply culturally diverse grounding attunement skills across the nervous system zones in the sandtray and play setting. 

Don't wait, there's limited spots!!

stacked rocks ocean in background with words Attunement Strengthens Relationships

Attunement strengthens relationships

Attunement Retreat Rejuvenates

We invite. you to join us,
attune mind-body-spirit,
heal in community and connections,
and rejuvenate in resiliency and thrive.

Rewire your brain,
grow your Sandtray Therapy skills,
get creative with Play Therapy techniques,
laugh and have fun!

Join us for this Attunement Retreat
Sign up soon, limited spots!

stacked rocks with light in background with words Attunement in Mind-body-spirit

Attunement in mind-body-spirit

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