Attunement for the Soul

Sandtray and Play Therapy Retreat

You’re invited to this one-of-a-kind retreat for therapists where we’ll practice new and unique attunement in the sand. Together we'll learn to regulate our nervous system and tired bodies through mind-body work so that we can better connect with our clients' body language and emotions.

Did you know dissociation is a normal part of daily life?

Dissociating is:

  • Daydreaming
  • Zoning Out
  • Binge watching Netflix
  • Scrolling through TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook

In fact, dissociating can help us when we’re are feeling stressed. Sometimes, we need to simply disconnect from the present moment to gather ourselves together again, or to think of something more positive.

The difficulty is when dissociation continues on the continuum and separates us from functioning in our daily lives.

Let's create a reframe around dissociation and break the stigma.

Attunement is part of the foundation

for connecting congruently, building rapport, and establishing trust.

Attunement can foster healing and growth.

~ Beth Moore, LPC, RPT, ICST-P

Attunement Helps Dissociation!

As a Trauma Therapist, one of the biggest concerns I hear from other therapists is about dissociation.

"What happens if my client dissociates?"

"I'm afraid to process trauma with my client, what if they dissociate? I don't know what to do."

"I'm afraid of dissociation, it is scary and seems out of control."

We have the hardest time attuning to our clients, ourselves and our highest power when we’re dissociating.

Attunement brings us back to the present moment, joins us in a deeper relational community, and unites us to our higher purpose.

When we feel disconnected and fragmented, attunement skills can ground us back together as a whole.

How Does Attunement Help?

  • Creates deeper connection with our clients
  • Strengthens our relationship with ourself and others
  • Improves how we express compassion and empathy
  • Equips us to better understand each other
  • Grows confidence in both the therapist and client

So how do we find space to heal?
How do we connect back to ourselves, our mind-body-spirit?

Attunement for the Soul

Sandtray and Play Therapy Retreat

Attune mind-body-spirit, heal in community and connections, and rejuvenate in resiliency and thrive.

Rewire your brain, grow your Sandtray Therapy skills, get creative with Play Therapy techniques, laugh and have fun!


Held at 
Holistic Sandtray Institute in Lafayette, Louisiana


February 24-25, 2023


2/24 Friday @ 9:00-5:00
2/25 Saturday @ 9:00-5:00

(Breaks are provided throughout the day, plus LUNCH will be provided both days)

Option: Come early to join family friendly Mardi Gras parades in Lafayette, Louisiana.



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5 Wellness Practitioners will facilitate activities within their specialized multidisciplinary fields

  • Beth Moore, M.S., LPC, RPT, ICST-P, APT Provider
  • Holistic EMDR Therapist and Trauma Resiliency-Informed Trainer
  • Nidhi Kirpalani, M.Sc., ICST-P, Ph.D. Student
  • Trauma Positive Psychotherapist with Brainspotting and Neuroscience
  • Susan Ferguson, MDIV, Spiritual Director, Tai Chi Easy Instructor
  • Tai Chi Easy Instructor and Spiritual Companion
  • Dr. Mikaela Ray, Webster Certified, Prenatal and Pediatric Chiropractor
  • Neurology-based Chiropractor and Holistic Wellness Practitioner
  • Momma Owls Minis 
  • Creative Therapists and Miniature Artists


We wouldn't forget about the 10 CE hours!

For this retreat you'll receive 10 CONTACT Play Therapy hours.

Holistic Sandtray Institute, LLC is an APT Approved Provider 21-646.

To clarify, CE applications are being processed for Counselors, Social Workers, Psychologists, and mental health professionals.

We all need a sacred space to heal and attune the soul

Frequently Asked Questions


When does the attunement retreat start and finish?

The relaxing Attunement Retreat is for 3 fabulous days: February 24-25, 2023 at the Holistic Sandtray Institute in Lafayette, Louisiana

Are there any pre-requisites?

It's helpful to have some Sandtray Therapy and Play Therapy training to prepare you for this advanced course. If you've taken any Play Therapy and Sandtray Therapy courses, that can really help you dive in more into this experiential course.

Who can register?

Any and all Mental Health Therapists can register for this in person training.

Do I have to attend in person?

Yes, most definitely!! You will get the most experience as you dive in and get your hands into the experience. Your presence in person at the entire training is required, including signing in at the beginning of each day and signing out at the end of each day, as an attendance verification. No partial credit can be awarded.

Ho do I get CE's (continuing education)?

Your attendance and participation is required for continuing education. There will be a sign in opportunity every morning of the training, plus participation experiences throughout the training. Your CE certificate will be given to you after the 2-day training is complete.

What if I am unhappy with the training? Or I want a refund?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund (in the United States, International refunds may get a credit towards future trainings). Exceptions: there are no refunds given within 30 days of the course. Please read HSI’s Organizational Policies on the website, which stipulate terms for refunds and cancellations.

What about ADA Support & Disability Accommodations?

All venues are ADA compliant or willing to make arrangements. Please let us know if you have any unique needs or disabilities, we will accommodate to the best of our ability. We want to welcome you to our training and help you feel comfortable. Please contact us at if you have any questions or concerns.

Who should I contact with questions?

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns:

Where should I stay in Lafayette?

Visit our travel information page for details about flight/airport options, local lodging, and food and entertainment while you're staying in Lafayette.