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Ladders of Nervous System


Ladders of Nervous System are perfect for scaling distress, anxiety, depression, and dissociation with your clients of all ages.
These ladders are lightweight yet strong enough to use with kids in the play therapy room. Teens and adults can scale their distress within each nervous system zone: Zen, Fight/Flight, and Freeze.
Solution-Focused Ladders: Each ladder has ten rungs to help clients scale from one to ten, one being the least distress and ten being the most distress.
Nervous System Polyvagal Ladders: There are three ladders with each their own color representing a different nervous system.
  • Green ladder – represents the Zen, calm, wise zone
  • Yellow ladder – represents the Fight/Flight zones
  • Red ladder – represents the Freeze zone
Play Therapy clients will love to use these colorful ladders throughout the play therapy room, including in doll houses, play fire houses, with play animals in jungles, and even lined up as a train track.
Free printables are included in the purchase of the Ladders of Scaling, just download and use with your clients.
  • Ladders of Nervous System (with 3 Zones)
  • Ladders of Nervous System Summary (with 3 zones and examples of each zone)
More ideas about how you enjoy utilizing the 3 ladders of the nervous system? We’d love to see pictures and hear how you incorporate these Ladders of the Nervous System. Thanks so much!

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