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Here it is! 

Wellness Sandtray Box

for sandtray therapists!

Emotional Support, Crafting Ideas, Handcrafted Miniatures, Aromatherapy, Essential Oils, Bath & Spa Products, Hand Curated Wellness Products

limited boxes

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What's in the holistic wellness box for therapists?

Holistic Tools for Sandtray Therapists

  • Spiritual Practices
  • Body Care & Aromatherapy
  • Tai Chi Easy™ Meditative Movement
  • Integrating Mind-Body-Spirit
  • Plus handcrafted Sandtray miniatures


Coping Skills, Handcrafted Tools, Equip & Empower

Spiritual Practices
Learn how to implement Spiritual tools to center and ground yourself and your clients.

Curated box and digital resources designed for enriching the whole personhood.

Sandtray Therapy
Inspire healing with unique handcrafted Miniatures & matching Sandtray Prompts cards.

Mental Health
Boost your well-being with positive affirmation cards, encouraging journal pages, and a digital mental health planner.

Holistic Tools Equip the Therapist, Equip the Clients

Get multisensory grounding tools & connect the mind, body and spirit.
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