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Attunement for the Soul

Attunement for the Soul

Advanced Sandtray Therapy Retreat & Training

February 23rd - 25th, 2023

What is Attunement and how will it help you with clients?

“Attunement becomes the effective relational interactions.” ~ Bruce Perry

Attunement is part of the foundation for building rapport and trust with your client so that they want to heal and grow.


  • Helps us connect with clients
  • Strengthens our relationships
  • Improves how we express compassion and empathy
  • Equips us to understand ourselves and others
  • Be a more confident mental health professional

We all need a sacred space to heal and attune the soul (mind-body-spirit).

You’re invited to this one-of-a-kind rejuvenating retreat for therapists.

We’ll practice new and unique attunement in the sand, regulating our nervous system   through mind-body work, connecting our energy, and building our relational energy with co-attunement. As we ground ourselves and center our spirits, we’ll hold the space within us and around us to co-regulate.

Join us for this rejuvenating retreat, come experience attunement for your soul through  rhythm experiences, music, creating miniatures, and experiencing attunement Sandtray and Play work.

Rejuvenate your Soul with Holistic Practices

During this retreat experience you will learn and experience somatic grounding resiliency , relational energy in the sandtray play space, balancing energy work in the sand, Tai Chi Easy centering and meditative movement, relaxing visualizations and meditations, nervous system regulation, all with Sandtray Therapy techniques to attune the soul.

You’ll also have the opportunity to create your own meaningful miniatures with Momma Owls Minis during the retreat training experience.

Attunement for the Soul is an advanced
Sandtray Therapy training.

Come retreat for yourself and rejuvenate your soul with holistic practices
with Sandtray Therapy.

GET 10 CEs!!

This Retreat Training will be held in
Lafayette, Louisiana

Attunement for the Soul includes:

  • Compassionate Attunement
  • Somatic Grounding Resiliency in the sand
  • Nervous System Regulation in the Sandtray
  • Balance energy work in the sand
  • Relational Energy in the Sandtray Play space
  • Sandtray Therapy Techniques
  • Calming Retreat Environment
  • Tai Chi Easy meditative movement
  • Relaxing Visualizations and Meditations
  • and Create your own Meaningful Miniatures with Momma Owls Minis!
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