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Attunement for the Soul

Attunement for the Soul

Advanced Sandtray Therapy Retreat & Training

February 23rd - 25th, 2023

The last few years have been a whirlwind and we’re lucky to survive, but our nervous systems are stuck in fight-flight-freeze! Literally every day, mental health therapists are quitting their careers from burnout, stretched too thin, and lack of enjoyment in what they do anymore. Does this sound familiar?

We all need a sacred space to heal and attune the soul. You’re invited to this one-of-a-kind spiritual retreat for therapists. Where we love all people and accept you as you are, broken, wounded, and wanting to heal. We’ll practice new and unique attunement in the sand, regulating our nervous system and tired bodies through mind-body work, connecting our energy to the ground and to each other in co-attunement. As we ground ourselves and center our spirits, we’ll hold the space within and around us to co-regulate in rhythm, music, and Sandtray work.

Rejuvenate your Soul with Holistic Practices

During this retreat experience you will learn mind-body somatic resiliency skills, Tai Chi Easy centering and meditative movement, mind-spirit meditations, and Sandtray Therapy techniques to attune the soul. You’ll also have the opportunity to do your own individual reflection sandtrays and mindfulness group sandtrays throughout the training.

Attunement for the Soul is an advanced Sandtray Therapy training beyond ICST training.

Come retreat for yourself and rejuvenate your soul with holistic practices with Sandtray Therapy.

Attunement for the Soul includes:

  • Compassionate Attunement
  • Individual Reflection Sandtrays
  • Energy work in the Sand
  • Spiritual Meditations
  • Somatic Resiliency
  • Mindfulness Group Sandtrays
  • Tai Chi Easy
  • ... and much more!
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