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Connecting Sandtray Therapists

Sandtray Connections

2-day Cyber Sandtray Therapy Training

  • Cyber techniques to use on virtual TeleHealth sessions
  • 4 Digital apps to use during training
  • How to integrate hands-on Sandtray Therapy with TeleHealth
  • 12 CEs
  • Limited 40 seats!
  • February 2021

Credentialed Sandtray Therapy Retreat & Training

  • ICST = Internationally Credentialed Sandtray Therapist
  • Summer 2022
  • In-depth, advanced Sandtray Therapy Training
  • Holistic Retreat Experience
  • Integrative mind-body-spirit practices
  • Become a credentialed Sandtray Therapist plus how to do it with TeleHealth
  • Join Waitlist: Sandtray Therapy Retreat & Training 
Cyber Training in Sandtray Play Therapy 
& TeleHealth


12 CEs
Live virtual event
Hands-on Sandtray Therapy

Limited spots!

2-day Training in How to do Sandtray Therapy and TeleHealth

Cyber Sandtray Therapy Training

Cyber Techniques & Sandtray Therapy on TeleHealth

Hands-on Sandtray Therapy with TeleHealth

  • Choosing miniatures to use online
  • Explore client’s world with miniatures
  • Creative Techniques to use online

Responsible Technology & TeleHealth

  • When not to use TeleHealth
  • Technology that works best
  • HIPPA compliant technology

4+ digital resources for Sandtray Therapy, including…

  • Google Therapy Rooms – free
  • Digital Sandtray Therapy – PowerPoint
  • PLUS Simply Sand Play – use during training!

All Virtually!

February 2021

How to start TeleHealth & Sandtray Therapy!

Into to TeleHealth & Sandtray Therapy - Quick Online Course

  • How to Get Started

    We heard your questions and created this quick online course just for you. We are gathering ideas and sharing resources for you to get started in TeleHealth & Sandtray Therapy.  All in one online course, unlimited access for a Lifetime 24/7!

  • Where to begin?

    This quick online course is designed to start from the very beginning and give you a glimpse of how to start TeleHealth session using Sandtray Therapy.

  • Who can do this?

    Are you a mental health professional?

    YES? Then You can do this, you can help clients using TeleHealth & Sandtray Therapy!!

  • What do I get?

    Create a toolbox of Sandtray Therapy techniques to use during TeleHealth to improve your mental health skills so you can better help your clients.

Testimonial: "Beth Moore of Holistic Sandtray Institute gives us a vast amount of information in a concise and user-friendly manner. These mini-videos kept me engaged and invested. I absolutely loved the examples, the "real" practice session which gave me insight, comfort and the confidence to execute my own online sandtray sessions! If you are new to Telehealth or Sandtray and wondering how to merge the two during this time in our lives, definitely check out this course! Thank you Beth!"

Nidhi Kirpalani, Clinical & Counseling Psychologist, Caribbean Sandtray Institute

This quick online course includes:

  • 8 modules, including recommended HIPAA compliant technology!
  • Videos of sessions using TeleHealth & Sandtray Therapy!
  • What to do in TeleHealth with no miniatures & out of the office!
  • Creative techniques to use in TeleHealth sessions!
Beth Moore LPC, ICST

Beth Moore, LPC, RPT, ICST-P

Holistic Sandtray Institute
119 Caillouet Place
Lafayette, LA 70501

… You will get … 
*Professional Development TRAINING
*Advanced Sandtray Techniques
*Neurobiologically-Informed Trauma Therapy

Feeling Tired? Stuck? Burned Out?

Heal the Healer Sandtray Retreat & Training

Become a credentialed Sandtray Therapist!

HSI is following recommended guidelines by the CDC during training.

Week 1:  June 6-10, 2022 (levels 1-2)
Week 2:  June 5-9, 2023 (levels 3-4)

Plus 15 online Case Consultation Hours during the year!

One year of training!  One year to pay!
Location:   Lafayette, Louisiana

Only 7 spots are available for each cohort!!  

HSI offers a “Heal the Healer” Retreat to reinvigorate the whole person in mind, body, and spirit using holistic strategies such as Sandtray Therapy, Massage Therapy, and Tai Chi Easy™.

Participants engage in Integrative Sandtray Therapy, neurobiologically-Informed trauma techniques, and creative mind-body-spirit therapies.

This retreat includes ALL 4 levels of training to be an Internationally Credentialed Sandtray Therapist (ICST)! 

Gain 50 hours of CE's + 15 hours on online consultation + a wooden sand tray + Jurassic Sand + customized, hand-crafted gifts!

Come join us in a rejuvenating atmosphere & enjoy this personal retreat and professional development training in south Louisiana.  Check out the event details.

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